Westfield Police Department


The Westfield Police Department’s (WPD) primary responsibility is to promote and maintain public safety and security for Village and Town of Westfield citizens and businesses and their property as prescribed by federal, state, county and local (Village & Town) laws. From parking enforcement to minimizing illegal drug use, abuse and trafficking, the Village of Westfield Police Department is here for you and your family’s ultimate safety.

The Police Department works a 24 hour seven day a week.  You can’t be a member of the WPD without passing stringent physical and psychological reviews and having the same basic training as the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department. Our ubiquitous school crossing guard is also a member of the WPD and provides an important added measure of safety at our school crossings.

Community Oriented Policing is the WPD’s claim to fame with highly personalized service not typically found in larger communities or departments. Daily foot patrols including nightly door lock checks of our main business district help to minimize theft and vandalism type criminal activity in Westfield. During the warmer months, our police officers patrol on specially equipped mountain bikes, especially during special events.

Another custom service provided by the WPD is residency checks for those who winter in different states. If you own a home or property in Westfield and are not available to check it periodically, the WPD will be happy to place your property on the list of those to be checked.

The WPD is easily contacted. For emergencies, dial 911. For all other non-emergency inquiries or information, call our main number. Let it ring as county dispatch will pick up and forward your call to one of our dedicated Police Officers.

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